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College Summit

For more than a decade, has worked with more than 35,000 students and 1200 counselors to lay out planning courses for low-income students with the potential to excel in college. The following is a list of tools used to help school districts increase enrollment rates:

  • introducing a post secondary planning course for all seniors.
    – Tools: Comprehensive curriculum that guides students through every stage of planning; and a web site for students to manage their college application materials.
  • Providing teachers and counselors with professional development to lead the course.
    – Tools: summer Educators’ Institutes to equip educators to lead the course, plan lessons, and build a college culture in the classroom; plus on-site technical assistance throughout the school year from College Summit staff.
  • Training peer leaders to forge a college going culture.
    – Tools: immersion summer Workshops for each school’s influential rising seniors, where they complete their entire college application and are equipped to return to school senior year to motivate their classmates.
  • Using data to manage college enrollment progress.
    – Tools: College Application Scorecards that enable administrators to assess progress and identify improvement strategies; plus annual College Enrollment Reports.
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Newsweek: How to Write the Perfect College Essay

Newsweek magazine highlights some tips for crafting an original essay, though it is by no means a definitive guide.

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[?] Personal Statement

Here you can find an exhaustive guide to thinking about, writing, and revising a personal statement. Including many frequently asked questions and personal statement dos and dont’s, provides degree-specific advice and formatting tips.

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Writing the Personal Statement

The Online Writing Lab at Purdue provides a list of personal questions for getting started on writing a personal statement as well as some basic advice on what to include and what to avoid.

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Writing the Essay: Sound Advice from an Expert

The University of Virginia website provides an analysis of good, bad, and risky personal statements. Written from the perspective of an assistant dean, the page provides useful insights for students seeking to write an original essay.

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Admission Hook

This site gives extensive tips for writing a personal statement and features videos discussing the application process. Check out the blog for more writing tips. The organization also offers annual scholarship opportunities.

Here is a sample video:

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