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How to apply to college overseas

How to apply to college overseas:

It is really important to see what opportunities you have in the world because you are not limited to  the country you are living in. It is a lot of other choices in the whole world to go to college. It is a great experience to see the world.

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This is a site for international student health insurance plans by the organization ISO. This might be a helpful thing for international students to consider if they don’t want to buy school insurance.

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International Student Exchange and Study Abroad Resource Center

This site is like the international students’ guide to applying to colleges abroad/ in the US. This site contains information on financial aid, insurance, loans, college search, language school search, test prep, international communication tips and advices, essay tips, blogs, forums. I think this site is good because it gives information and advice relating to getting into colleges abroad and also the process/ transition from the students home country into their country of choice.

Here’s a link to an article about scholarship scams.

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International Students

This site like a survival guide for international students studying in the US.


-preparations (before coming to US)

-survival (in the US)

-survival in school

-survival out of school

-returning home

A very thorough site that not only provides college information, but also considers the culture and lifestyle of US so that the international students can consider.

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College Board- for International Students

This is a page from College Board ( about the process international students need to take to study in the US.

-provide link to advising centers

-provide contact information for possible questions

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This is the official website for TOEFL, Test for English as a Foreign Language, which provides information about the test, reasons for taking this test, what the test scores mean, test dates, etc.

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Education USA

This site is sponsored by US Department of State and provides information for pursuing higher education. This site has information for US students as well as international students. For international students, it even contains information for getting visa to coming to the US to study. Also contains information about taking tests, financing, FAQ and contact sections.

Rank 4/4 (very official and organized)

Rating 3.00 out of 5
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