College Summit

For more than a decade, has worked with more than 35,000 students and 1200 counselors to lay out planning courses for low-income students with the potential to excel in college. The following is a list of tools used to help school districts increase enrollment rates:

  • introducing a post secondary planning course for all seniors.
    – Tools: Comprehensive curriculum that guides students through every stage of planning; and a web site for students to manage their college application materials.
  • Providing teachers and counselors with professional development to lead the course.
    – Tools: summer Educators’ Institutes to equip educators to lead the course, plan lessons, and build a college culture in the classroom; plus on-site technical assistance throughout the school year from College Summit staff.
  • Training peer leaders to forge a college going culture.
    – Tools: immersion summer Workshops for each school’s influential rising seniors, where they complete their entire college application and are equipped to return to school senior year to motivate their classmates.
  • Using data to manage college enrollment progress.
    – Tools: College Application Scorecards that enable administrators to assess progress and identify improvement strategies; plus annual College Enrollment Reports.
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