The Pathfinder card game is both a prototype for an online game and a fun, educational game itself. The card game focuses on teaching high school students various strategies for both navigating the application process and preparing for the college experience in high school.


The Pathfinder vision is to provide a unique, multiplayer game that opens pathways to college, where none existed before.


Pathfinder’s goal is simple: use games to arouse interest in, inform, and enable high school students to successfully make the journey to and through college.


  • Students in overcrowded high schools often lack access to meaningful college guidance. Without adequate college counseling, many students remain oblivious of their post-secondary options, making applying to and choosing the right college incredibly challenging.
  • Most college-related online resources are passive in nature. Students have access to information about college, but seldom engage with the material beyond reading web pages.
  • Effective college outreach practices do exist, in particular when services are tailored to students’ individual situations. But college preparation programs and school-based college guidance are limited by resources. We need to reach more students. Effective practices should be made accessible to more students.

Rating 3.00 out of 5

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