TOEFL General Information

TOEFL test is very important for international students who want to study abroad.

What is the TOEFL?

The TOEFL is Test of English as a Foreign Language. Today TOEFL exam requires IBT (internet-based testing) test.  The IBT test has listening, reading, grammar, speaking, and writing sections. The exam takes about 4 hours and 30 minutes.

These sites are TOEFL practice sites.

Test Magic



Free TOEFL Practice Test



You can register for the TOEFL test through this site.

How does one register for the test?

There are 3 steps to registering: Select your test location, Create a profile, and Register.
1) Select your test location
Go to and use the drop-down menu to select your location.
2) Create a profile
You have completed three parts of your profile.
3) Register for the TOEFL test

Where and when to take the TOEFL test?

You can choose test location and date anytime around the world.

What should you bring on the test day?

There are just two things you need to bring on the test day:

1) You should bring the valid ID with your name, recent photo and signature.

 2) You should bring your Registration Confirmation with your registration number.

How much should you pay to take the TOEFL test?

The cost is from $150 to $225, but the cost can vary in different locations.

How and when should you get the TOEFL test score?

Your score will be posted online within 2 weeks after your test date. You can check your score in your TOEFL iBT profile. You can get the TOEFL score by mail, and they’re also mailed to the universities or institutions that you have choosen.


  • You should come to the test location at least 30 minutes before the test begins; if you’re late, you won’t be able to take the test.
  • The regular registration deadline is 7 days prior to the test date (not including the day of the test).
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