How to get your I-20 and Student VISA

In order to get an I-20 (or permit of admission) to the university you’re planning to attend, you must submit your TOEFL test scores. If the University accepts your TOEFL score, they will issue you an I-20.

Go to website of the American embassy in your own country, and then make an appointment for an interview to get an F-1(Student VISA). On the day of your interview, go to the American embassy in your country and show the interviewer the following documents and certifications:

-Visa photo
-transcript and verification of last school
-a copy of the resident registration
-TOEFL score
-school Identification
-sponsor’s document
-bank statement
-tax report
-income statement

If all of your documentation is in order, the consulate will issue you an F-1(Student VISA). You will receive your VISA with your passport by mail within 5 days.

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