Resources for parents of college-bound students

College Parents of America is a membership organization that provides good advice and insight into college preparation and college success strategies for families.  Go here:

This one’s a link to over 40 other links useful for parents. It includes links on financial aid/scholarships, where to find cheap textbooks, career advice, and discount deals for students.  The Scholarship Lady was interviewed for one of their articles.

This site offers a wealth of articles from college parents who share their experiences with other parents. It also contains short videos to watch, a blog, and a “pick of the month” link to an e-book course on money management.

College Parenting is a free magazine that parents can subscribe to. They can pull up an e-version of the magazine to flip through, and the site contains several links to campus life information and scholarships.

This is another site, geared toward parents, that offers online, specialized guides on specific universities.

A section of is designed specifically for parents. It provides links to scholarship sites and offers a free e-newsletter to parents.

This is a mental health guide for parents to refer to while their student is in college. Parents can quickly find a doctor located near their student and may join an online discussion forum regarding college health and wellness.

This one is a section of the U.S. Department of Education site designed just for parents. It includes access to an archive of “Education News Parents Can Use,” videos dating back to 2002. In addition, the site gives links to financial aid/scholarship sites, FAQs, and tips for parents.

***Thanks to the Scholarship Street Blog for collecting these resources.***

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