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23 Responses to “FAQ”

  • Brad:

    how many mentors do we have leaving replies here (offereing to be a mentor) from Champions so far?

    How many students from LAUSD or Green Dot high schools have posted questions so far?

  • Brad:

    i would personally be happy to be a mentor. I graduated Univ of Vermont with a BS in Social Work and Simmons College (in Boston) with a masters in education. I feel comfortable mentoring on east coast schools, choice and things to do in HS to look desirable to admissions folks. It has been a while since I did a FAFSA so can’t help there. I can assist on personal statements.


  • Though its been a while since I was in college I’d be happy to mentor students. I graduated Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York with a BS in Dance Performance and Choreography, and now work in the After School Field in Los Angeles.

  • APB student:

    how am i able to get scholarships?

  • APB student:

    What is financial aid? and how am i able to apply for it?

  • APB student:

    Where can i get help to know what college is right for me?

  • APB student:

    What can be more beneficial, a 4 year college or a 2 year college?

  • APB student:

    Is attending a community college a negative aspect when looking at a resume?

  • Emanuel Ramirez:

    what determines how much financial aid i receive?

  • Emanuel Ramirez:

    What kind of test scores and GPA would I need to get into a prestige college?

  • Emanuel Ramirez:

    will one major open opportunities for more than just one job?

  • Emanuel Ramirez:

    I’m a junior attending animo pat brown.

  • Aurora Torres:

    What money grants are there?
    How can I get my hands on one?

  • sarah beltran:

    why is college important?

  • Stephanie Beltran:

    What is college really how does it actually help you or what does it do for you??

  • Stephanie Beltran:

    What is college really about???
    How does it help you???
    Does it really prepares you for the future???

  • brandon escobar:

    what is the lowest gpa you can have to get into a college or university?

  • Jose Medina:

    What is the difference between a UC, Cal State, and a JC?

  • Ana Laurean:

    How do I find out which units are transferable from a Junior College to my college of choice?

  • Dennis Martinez:

    What is the best way to earn money while in college?

  • Janeth DeRobles:

    Where can I find credible information about scholarships and financial aid for college?

  • Jorge Hernandez:

    How do I start the FAFSA process?

  • Brad:

    while the location is TBD — on Nov 20, 2010 the C5 foundation is running a college awareness workshop in LA. The cool part is it is by highschoolers for highschoolers on a colleg campus.

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