SOStatement Advisers

Introducing our SOStatement Advisers:


Name: Rudy Sarmiento
Year: Junior
Major: Political Science
Interests: Latin America, music, USC Program Board
Advice: Read, get involved and use all your resources and if you feel you lack any, search around. There are many resources online that you can tap into.


Name: Matt Berardi
Year: Senior
Major: Cinema/Television Production
Interests: Film, painting, literature, the Wu Tang Clan
Advice: Read as much and as often as possible.  Your real education is what you learn in your free time when no one is forcing your hand.


Name: Andrew Cho
Year: Junior
Major: Biological Sciences
Interests: Foreign languages, science, music, movies, swimming, etc.
Advice: Speak from the heart/don’t fake it. Break up your personal statement into a few paragraphs so that it’s easier to read/don’t clump up your personal statement into one big paragraph. Use concrete examples instead of generalizations.


Name: Hasan Nafoosi
Year: Junior
Major: Physiology
Interests: Soccer, books, movies and the like.
Advice: Don’t hesitate to tell the truth, because it’s always better than telling a lie.


Name: Kevin Koh
Year: Senior
Major: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
Interests: Sports (especially basketball), Tom and Jerry cartoon show, good tasting food, music
Advice: Always have good transitions. Use good examples. Make your story stand out because college admission readers are going to read a lot of personal statements and you will want them to remember yours.


Name: Jeremy Katchen
Year: Junior
Major: Communication w/ Entertainment emphasis
Interests: Sports (almost all of them except NASCAR), Music, Movies, Food, hanging out with friends
Advice: Make your story personal. The personal statements provide an opportunity for students to stand out to admissions counselors. Differentiate yourself from your peers because everyone has a unique story!


Name: Omar Alnafoosi
Year: Junior
Major: Biological Sciences
Interests: Movies, fast cars, food & music.
Advice: Make your own personal statement, be yourself. Proofreading is very important.

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