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While popular sites like provide invaluable information about applying to and preparing for college, such official resources often lack the personal voice of real high school students who undertake the college application process year after year. SOS College feels that this video forum has the potential to fill this void by giving high school students a chance to share stories regarding their own college application experiences with each other.

We believe that students have just as much to learn from their peers as they do from parents, teachers, and college counselors. Join the conversation by sending us your own video confessionals detailing how you prepared and applied for college, and what you might have done differently. Or if video isn’t your thing, feel free to post stories, comments, or suggestions in the forum to either ask other students questions or to give them a word of advice.

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  • Brad:

    Beyond the Bell (part of LAUSD) has dedicated hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop the Take Action Campaign which offers 25 high schools and 13,000 students a fuller educational experience in HS. The strands they focus on are arts education, community action, outdoor education, Leadership development, matriculation programs, and COLLEGE access.

    HIGH school students are given free college tours through their after school provider and can earn college credits for extracurricular activities done between 3p-6pm at SW and LACC. HS students also spend 2 weeks in the mountains camping with college students from UCLA. 250 HS students meet and spend a week with 150 college students. Great stuff. The video can be found at in the BTB news area.

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