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Be The Perfect College Applicant

At this website, find out how to be the perfect college applicant. Colleges look for a student with a challenging curriculum and those who can succeed in the difficult classes. Out of school experience and extra-curriculur involvement makes you a more well-rounded candidate and shows your dedication to activities beyond the classroom. In addition to a strong resume, be sure to have teachers write recommendations to bring character and life to your application.

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Tip Sheets

Brag Sheet

  • A brag sheet should be filled out by a student at the beginning of senior year. This is something that can be given to teachers you would like to ask for letters of recommendation. It is also an easy way to organize your activities and achievements throughout high school.


  • For students looking at schools in California, this offers a comprehensive list of community college, California state schools, UC schools and private schools. It clearly lists all the costs and entrance requirements for each type of school.

College Information Cheat Sheet

  • This is a great sheet for all college questions you might have. It answers questions about admissions requirements, the best way to apply, and and financial aid questions.

Commonly Asked Questions about Financial Aid

  • This is a great guide to figuring out financial aid.

High School College Preparatory Checklist

  • This lists what students should be doing each year, beginning with freshman year, in order to prepare for college.

Private Colleges and Universities

  • For those interested in private schools, this gives a great overview of how the process differs, the steps necessary to apply, and opportunities for financial aid.
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Staying Organized

By staying organized at, you can create your own college list that can easily be updated in regards to adding or deleting colleges. This website allows you to create and manage online applications, ensures you stay organized (as all of the information is accessible from your computer-no papers lost!), and deadlines and reminders can make sure your applications are in on time. This website’s calendars, organizers, and admission tips facilitate this process, and ease the stress of Senior year.

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USC Application Deadlines

USC Application Deadlines gives a detailed outline of when each aspect of the application is due to be eligible for acceptance to the University of Southern California.

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Writing the Personal Statement

The Online Writing Lab at Purdue provides a list of personal questions for getting started on writing a personal statement as well as some basic advice on what to include and what to avoid.

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College Applications: Tips

College Applications: Tips offers its readers endless of useful information about the application process as a whole.

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University Language Services

University Language Services-Gives a general outline regarding application deadlines and gives students advice about how to find out an application deadline if it is not listed on the school’s website.

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The Pathfinder card game is both a prototype for an online game and a fun, educational game itself. The card game focuses on teaching high school students various strategies for both navigating the application process and preparing for the college experience in high school.


The Pathfinder vision is to provide a unique, multiplayer game that opens pathways to college, where none existed before.


Pathfinder’s goal is simple: use games to arouse interest in, inform, and enable high school students to successfully make the journey to and through college.


  • Students in overcrowded high schools often lack access to meaningful college guidance. Without adequate college counseling, many students remain oblivious of their post-secondary options, making applying to and choosing the right college incredibly challenging.
  • Most college-related online resources are passive in nature. Students have access to information about college, but seldom engage with the material beyond reading web pages.
  • Effective college outreach practices do exist, in particular when services are tailored to students’ individual situations. But college preparation programs and school-based college guidance are limited by resources. We need to reach more students. Effective practices should be made accessible to more students.

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SOS College is a free online resource designed as a collection of maps for the road to college.
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