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Tip Sheets

Brag Sheet

  • A brag sheet should be filled out by a student at the beginning of senior year. This is something that can be given to teachers you would like to ask for letters of recommendation. It is also an easy way to organize your activities and achievements throughout high school.


  • For students looking at schools in California, this offers a comprehensive list of community college, California state schools, UC schools and private schools. It clearly lists all the costs and entrance requirements for each type of school.

College Information Cheat Sheet

  • This is a great sheet for all college questions you might have. It answers questions about admissions requirements, the best way to apply, and and financial aid questions.

Commonly Asked Questions about Financial Aid

  • This is a great guide to figuring out financial aid.

High School College Preparatory Checklist

  • This lists what students should be doing each year, beginning with freshman year, in order to prepare for college.

Private Colleges and Universities

  • For those interested in private schools, this gives a great overview of how the process differs, the steps necessary to apply, and opportunities for financial aid.
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