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Writing the Personal Statement

The Online Writing Lab at Purdue provides a list of personal questions for getting started on writing a personal statement as well as some basic advice on what to include and what to avoid.

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Advice to Improve Your Writing

Express yourself in positive language and use transitions between paragraphs. Transitions, which tie one paragraph to the next, compound sentences, and being concise hold the reader’s attention. Be succinct, and make every word count. Each sentence and every word should state something new, so you shouldn’t be repeating yourself.

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The Must Do and Don’t of Writing an Essay

The Best Do and Don’t of Writing an Essay

The Do

Before you begin writing, choose what you want to discuss and the order in which you want to discuss it. Give it a theme or thesis, and use concrete examples from your life experience to support your thesis and distinguish yourself from other applicants.

The Don’t

Don’t include information that doesn’t support your thesis, write an autobiography, itinerary, or resume in prose. Also, your essay should not be an elaborate excuse for low grades or scores. Essays should be about something that excites you and that you are passionate about.

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